ICA Webinars

This page contains all the ICA webinars held to date. The webinars are free for members; non-members can access paid webinars via our online store.

CPTED for Architects

13 May 2023

CPTED Guidebook for Schools

18 August 2022

CPTED for Women

27 May 2022

Extremism and CPTED - From the 3Ds to 3Cs

17 March 2022

Multiculturalism, Inclusivity... CPTED

25 February 2022

25 Years of the ICA: Past, Present and Future

23 July 2021

Community Engagement through CPTED in Times of Uncertainty

(organised by CPTED United States ICA Region)

3 June 2021


NGOs and CPTED - Challenges and Possibilities

(organised by ICA Europe Region)

24 May 2021


CPTED ISO Standard

26 March 2021


CPTED: Integrating Public Safety & Security in the Design of Smart Cities

(organised by ICA Asia Region)

30 January 2021


Street Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

(organised by ICA Asia Region)

21 November 2020


Exclusion versus Inclusion - In CPTED Everyone has a Role

(Special ICA webinar)

14 November 2020

CPTED on the Streets

23 October 2020

CPTED - Salud Mental y Prevencion de Violencia* | CPTED - Mental Health and Violence Prevention

(organised by ICA Latin America Region)

28 September 2020

* For non-Spanish speakers: This webinar was presented in Spanish only. Please use YouTube captions with automated translations if needed.

CPTED - Best Practices & Ground Realities

(organised by ICA Asia Region)

21 August 2020

CPTED in the Times of COVID-19: Reactions and Recovery, Part 2 (Canada, USA, Latin America)

19 June 2020

CPTED in the Times of COVID-19: Reactions and Recovery, Part 1 (Asia, Australasia/South Pacific, Europe & UK)

12 June 2020

Violence-free Schools in 21st Century - Using a Comprehensive CPTED Approach

29 May 2020

CPTED & Social Unrest | 

CPTED y Disturbios Sociales

8 February 2020

ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies