ICA webinar:

25 Years of the ICA: Past, Present and Future

(23 July 2021)


“The views expressed in this webinar belong to our guest speakers and do not necessarily reflect the position of the ICA.”


The International CPTED Association proudly announces this webinar at its Silver Jubilee Anniversary. In commemoration and celebration, they have put together a panel of the founders, past presidents and individuals who have been part of the last 25 years and continue to guide its efforts into the next 25 years. 

The Webinar featured a panel discussion led by the current president as they took the audiences back in time revisiting the journey of the ICA over the last 25 years. 

Topics included:

  • Status of CPTED practice in the 1990s especially when ICA began in 1996
  • Evolution of CPTED over the years
  • The ICA’s role through the years
  • ICA compared to other organizations like DOCA, DOCC and others
  • Challenges to the ICA over the years
  • Future direction and the role of the ICA in contemporary world



Who should watch: CPTED professionals, safety and crime prevention specialists, public officials, safety consultants, police officers, academics, students, researchers, policy makers, urban development experts, criminologists, sociologists, social engineers, decision-makers, architects, urban planners & designers and others



Co-Founder & Inaugural President, USA

Gregory Saville is a criminologist, urban planner and former police officer. He is co-founder of the International CPTED Association and chairperson of the ICA course accreditation committee.

He currently runs AlterNation LLC, an international consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado. He is co-author of SafeGrowth: Building Neighborhoods of Safety and Livability and also You In Blue: A Guide for the New Cop.

Mail: gregory.saville@cpted.net


Co-Founder & Inaugural Executive Director, Canada

Barry is a ICCP-Advanced certified CPTED Practitioner and strategic business consultant that has worked around the globe solving real time challenges and issues that face our communities, businesses and government. With a history providing advisory services that relate to public space, community safety and sustainability he brings a unique insight and lens into the current COVID-19 pandemic and thoughts for the future.

Mail: barry.davidson@cpted.net


Past President, Australia

Tony Lake is the Immediate Past president of the ICA board on which he served for almost 20 years. Tony retired as an Inspector with the Queensland Police Service in 2007 after a career lasting 36 years.  At the time of retirement he was the project manager for the development and implementation of CPTED Guidelines for Queensland and provided professional input into the National CPTED Guidelines for New Zealand. 

Tony was employed as a crime prevention and security advisor for Amtac Professional Services, based in Brisbane Queensland, for 11 years after retiring from policing and now provides CPTED training with the ISMCPI in Australia and New Zealand. 

Mail: tony.lake@cpted.net


Regional Director, UK

Dr. Tim Pascoe has been a Community Safety Researcher for over 25 years carrying out qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation. He has a particular interest in Designing and Managing Out Crime. His work has resulted in a publication record that has added to the understanding of community safety problems and solutions. 

Mail: tim.pascoe@cpted.net


Regional Director, Netherlands

Paul (1952) studied Social Geography at the University of Amsterdam and Urban and Regional Planning at the same University. He worked at the Ministries of Justice and Interior (National Crime Prevention Institute) and in 1984 founded a private consultancy and research bureau under the name DSP-groep. Paul initiated the Dutch and European ICA Chapter decades ago and is working on several EU funded projects on CPTED.

Mail: paul.vansoomeren@cpted.net

and Moderator 


President, Chile

Architect, Master and PhD in Urban Planning with extensive experience leading Urban Security Projects and Initiatives, both public and private, in Chile and in various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Specialist in the CPTED methodology (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) with proven success in diagnosing, designing, executing and evaluating Violence and Crime Prevention projects from an Environmental perspective with experience in applying and teaching CPTED in various countries across the world.

Mail: president@cpted.net

ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies