ICA Chapters

The idea of ICA Chapters is not new. In early days of the ICA following its establishment in 1996 several ICA chapters were formed including Asia-Pacific Chapter in Australia, CPTED Region Chapter in Latin America, DOCA in the United Kingdom and E-DOCA in Continental Europe. In order to recognize the work of various organizations on a local level and formalize the relationships with them the ICA launched an ICA Umbrella Initiative in April 2020. Since then we continue building relationships with CPTED groups on the ground all around the globe.

Click on the logo of the ICA chapters below for more information about that chapter. New chapters will be added as their relationship with the ICA becomes formalized.

ICA Chapters within ICA Regions:


Association for Building Security, India - ABSI



The Safer Sweden Foundation - SSF


Biztonságos és Élhető Városokért Egyesület - BEVE (Hungary)

Stichting Veilig Ontwerp en Beheer - SVOB



CPTED Corporación Región LAC

(Chile/Latin America)

CPTED México


Updated 27 July 2021

ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies