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Passing of Tim Crowe - Comments of rememberance

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  • 27 Feb 2009 11:27
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    Josh Brown
    I am fond of saying that we shouldn't mourn a death if we don't also celebrate the life. Yes, I was saddened to learn of Tim's death but I was reminded of just how many people called him a friend. In teaching and consulting around the country I constantly ran into people that said Tim was a friend of thiers. I met Tim the way so many others did, I attended a CPTED class at the National Crime Prevention Institute. That was in 1990. Since that time he had provided so much guidance on subjects related to CPTED and Crime Prevention that I called him a mentor. I was thrilled when someone told me I was part of "Tim's Tribe" in an email. His opinions greatly guided the creation of the CPTED Certification program for the ICA. It has taken a few days for me to feel I could write this but I wanted his family (and all his friends) to know what a major impact he has had on so many lives, communities and careers.
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