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Passing of Tim Crowe - Comments of rememberance

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  • 22 Feb 2009 17:54
    Message # 119350

    It is with immense sadness that we acknowledge the passing of one of the great people in our CPTED world. On February 21, 2009, Tim Crowe passed away.

    Many of us were inspired and educated by Tim and he has touched countless thousands of people through his teachings, thoughts and work. The CPTED field will not be the same without his direct influence but I know we will continue to carry his message into our projects and programmes.

    Leave your thoughts and messages for the family and friends of Tim to read

  • 22 Feb 2009 17:56
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    On behalf of 

    Oliver R. Stoetzer

    Thank you for this notice.  I am truly saddened by Tim's death.  Several years ago I completed my CPTED Basic and Advanced training with Tim in Louisville, and these sessions were both eye-opening and very professionally done.  Tim's rapport with the university, his ongoing commitment to the city of Louisville and region, and his dedication to training members of the Louisville Police Service and many others worldwide made for exceptional training and educational opportunities.  Tim's contributions to the international community of law enforcement must also be noted, as he worked for numerous Olympic committees, international standards associations, and dozens of national and international police organizations.


    The law enforcement community nationally and internationally as well as every municipality that has ever benefited from CPTED design will truly miss such a gentleman and scholar.

  • 22 Feb 2009 17:57
    Reply # 119355 on 119350

    Thank you so much for this information. It is with sadness that I recieve this.

    Though I haven't known Tim personally, it is always with grief to know the passing away of a colleague.

    May there be more of us to emulate his good teachings and achievements in life.



  • 22 Feb 2009 18:23
    Reply # 119362 on 119350
    Dr Park
    Please give my deep sadness and condolence for the bereaved. Tim was, though never seen him before, one of my most respectful persons list for CPTED studies and practice. Dr Park.
  • 22 Feb 2009 18:50
    Reply # 119373 on 119350
    Jonathan Lusher
    Several years ago, Tim's Basic CPTED class provided an inspirational and eye-opening way for me to see my professional and personal world. It was truly a life-changing course, and has led me to apply his thoughts to a whole range of problems, and solutions. Those of us privileged to either start or continue our work with his guidance are much the better for it.
  • 23 Feb 2009 06:35
    Reply # 119519 on 119350
    David A. Stamp
    As I received my training from Tim in 1994 it was not only his dedication to the precepts of CPTED and his ability to engage people that was impressive but also I believe his great sense of humour and his ability to stage a good practical joke that showed he was so much more; a giant in life he will be sincerely missed in passing. My condolences to those he left behind. I'm sure Tim is now checking out Heaven and instructing St.Peter on how to improve his new surroundings.
  • 23 Feb 2009 09:15
    Reply # 119570 on 119350
    I met Tim in Bellingham WA in 1996 when I took my first course. That course did more for my career than all the other universities and degrees combined. Subseqently, I took every other course Tim offered. Since then Tim and I continued to correspond, sometimes daily. He was a wonderful mentor. The crime prevention community has lost a great one and I have lost a good friend. I shall miss him deeply. My heartfelt condolences to Tim's family and close friends. God bless you all. Jim
  • 23 Feb 2009 12:18
    Reply # 119657 on 119350

    Although I must admit that in 1994 when I attended my first CPTED class in Louisville taught by Tim I was a bit skeptical about the whole concept. Since that class I have been involved in many projects in the St.Paul, MN. I have had the opportunity to present at the 1999 conference in Mississauga, visit "Celebration" in Florida, explore the CPTED concepts in Sarasota, FL. and carry over the CPTED rules through out my various careers.

    I am grateful for the insite that Tim afforded the opportunity for me to have through his teaching and his belief that I would never look at the world the same after I left his first class.

    My sympathy goes out to his family, friends amd work associates.

    God Bless.

    Dan Cermak


  • 23 Feb 2009 16:17
    Reply # 119770 on 119350
    Terry Cocks, Director DOCA

    "On behalf of all the members of DOCA UK I would like to express our deep sorrow and sense of loss at the death of Tim.

    Tim was held in the highest regard in the UK.

    He will be greatly missed.

    Our deepest sympathies are extended to his family.

    May he rest in peace “


    Terry Cocks, Director DOCA

  • 23 Feb 2009 17:40
    Reply # 119792 on 119350
    Steve Woolrich - Red Deer, Alberta
    Truly a loss for Tim's family and friends and also his former students. Tim first introduced me to CPTED through his Level I course hosted by the Edmonton Police Service in September 1999 and I've never forgotten him. A great teacher indeed, a man that brought tremendous clarity to the subject of CPTED. I recall the last day of the course when I asked him if he could send me a video he had utilized in his presentation. I knew at that moment I was "hooked" on CPTED and wanted the resource for use in my future presentations. Within a week, the video was in my mailbox. I have taken a look at it several times now since the news of his passing and there is no doubt his work and teaching is now reflected in my own passion for CPTED. Tim will not be forgotten!
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