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  • 01 Apr 2008 19:23
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  • 13 Jul 2010 07:28
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    David Moore

    I am trying to come up with some ideas about enhancing school safety (primary/secondary/ and post-secondary institutions.)


    Basically it’s about how I think we need to expand the current concept of "School Zone" which currently only provides protections to school kids as they walk to school and back each day and helps insure that speeding cars don't hit them when they cross the street, to a broader concept of a "School Zone" or even a " Protected Education Zone" that would much more encompassing and help provide a "No Tolerance" zone where certain criminal statutes would be enhanced if they occurred within this Education Zone - say within 500-1000 feet of the schools property. Schools would have the option of erecting clearly visible signage so that people are fully aware that they are entering a protected education zone, and that criminal acts, ect would not be tolerated and strictly enforced - E.g. Criminal Trespass in these zones could be enhance one punishment level say from a Class B misd. to a Class A Misd, ect - (it would have to apply to students and staff as well.


     I could also envisage as part of this idea, that select persons who live in the neighborhood could serve as "monitors" who could receive training to be observant when kids are walking to and from schools and these "monitors" could also provide clearly identifiable "safe-houses" where kids travelling to and from school, or at bus stops, would know they could seek shelter and help as needed.

    Just yesterday I passed through a neighborhood and saw a clearly marked sign indicating that I was entering a "Protected Neighborhood Crime Watch" area, and realized how a similar concept would be much more useful and relevant in our schools.

    Seeking input, advice, criticism about if this is a feasible idea and if so how to start advancing this further



    David Moore, Sgt- Criminal Investigations Division

    Houston Community College Police


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