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  • 22 Jan 2014 10:23
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    I am searching for a PhD Program that will suite my research interests and am hoping the membership may have some feedback to share.
    After 13yrs of being in the RCMP, I left to pursue a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba. I had been introduced to CPTED while in the RCMP and wanted to explore the whole notion of environmental manipulation to affect behavior.
    My Thesis/Practicum, titled Revealing Depth & Creating Dialogue: RCMP Memorial Park, Mayerthorpe. AB. focused on bridging the gap that exists between the public and the police, through the installation of an engaging and thought provoking design.  I feel though that my research is far from being done and am very interested in going deeper through a PhD program.

    An Excerpt from my LinkedIn profile page:
    I am passionate about exploring new and innovative ways for the public and the police to work together. The huge disconnect that exists has always intrigued me. One of my goals is to reveal the deeper dimensions of the police to the public and to investigate the different means by which that dialogue can take place. Under constant scrutiny by the media and the public, the police are always looking for new ways on 'bridging the gaps' that exist. I feel the design of police spaces and how they intersect with the community, both visually and site specifically, has not been given adequate attention. Branding needs to extend beyond the normal boundaries of uniform, police car etc. The landscape and architecture of the police presence needs to be brought up to date, engaging the community and offering a language of solidarity.

    I would like to elevate the 'design' component in CPTED to address these issues above.
    There is a PhD program at the University of Calgary in Environmental Design & Planning, but I have been unable to find an advisor who is interested in the Public Safety Realm and how it might intersect with engaging design and environmental behavior.

    Anyone have any insights into my quest? I would hope that my work would have some merit and application in the real world but sadly, the Public Safety realm does not appear to have acknowledged the power and influence of design as a tool for public communication.
    Many thanks for reading!

    Sonja A.Stroud, MLarch, BA
    University of Manitoba

  • 28 Feb 2014 10:30
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    I feel your pain.  I have been looking for a masters program that I can do while still working.  The only thing I found was in the UK....and then they changed the program.

    There are some members that also teach, and maybe interested in your thesis but I cannot speak for them and most teach in the US.

    The only other thing that I have found is some universities have a graduate studies program that allows you to take classes from a number of different have to desing your own program and get all the class ok'd.  That does not really help with the supervisor question though....sorry.

    I will keep my ears open and if I hear anything, I will pass it on.  Also, if you find something, please send it my way.


  • 28 Feb 2014 10:31
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    ps.....we are not that far you ever make it to Saskatoon SK?
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