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ICA WEBINAR: CPTED in the Times of COVID-19 - Reactions & Recovery, Part 2 (Canada, Latin America, USA)

  • 19 Jun 2020
  • 09:30 - 11:00
  • Online (Live stream)


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Disclaimer: “The views expressed in this webinar belong to our guest speakers and do not necessarily reflect the position of the ICA.”

CPTED in the Times of COVID-19 - Reactions & Recovery, Part 2 (Canada, Latin America, USA)

JUNE 19, 2020

9:30 MDT (Calgary) 

10:30 CDT (Mexico City)

11:30 EDT (New York)

17:30 CEST (Amsterdam)

21:00 IST (New Delhi)

1:30 (+1) AEST (Sydney)

3:30 (+1) NZST (Auckland)

We are proud to announce our series of two June webinars on the topic of “CPTED in the times of COVID-19”. Our third and fourth webinars will capture the responses to the pandemic and some coping strategies that have been put in place to address the social and safety concerns associated with these unprecedented times.

The ICA – International CPTED Association brings regional diversity to the discourse on this important topic. ICA Directors from 7 ICA regions will come together as guest speakers to showcase how the issue that has affected every part of the world has been approached in their respective countries and regions. Different geo-political systems and socio-economic profiles of these countries and regions while facing the same common threat will make for a vibrant discussion. The speakers will also identify the role of CPTED in addressing safety concerns during and after the pandemic as communities transition into the recovery phase.  

The webinar will be presented as a 2-part series. Part 1 will feature speakers from the Asian, Australasian, European and UK regions. A week later, Part 2, will feature speakers from the 3 ICA regions in the western hemisphere: Canada, Latin America and the United States.

Topics will include:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted life across different ICA regions

  • Crime trends and safety challenges during the COVID-19 lockdowns

  • Likely scenarios and foreseeable challenges in the post-COVID-19 world

  • Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic

  • The role of CPTED in dealing with health and safety concerns during the pandemic

  • The role of CPTED in the recovery and post-recovery phases

  • Suggested guidelines and recommendations to assist in recovery and crime control

Our guest speakers will also be answering your questions. If you have any topic-related questions for our guest speakers, please enter them in the relevant section during registration. Alternatively, you can also email questions to us or pose them in the comment box during the live webinar session.

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Who should attend: CPTED professionals, safety and crime prevention specialists, public officials, safety consultants, police officers, academics, students, researchers, architects, planners, criminologists, sociologists, social engineers, decision-makers, and others.

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Guest speakers: 


Canada - Canadian ICA Region

Barry is a ICCP-Advanced certified CPTED Practitioner and strategic business consultant that has worked around the globe solving real time challenges and issues that face our communities, businesses and government. With a history providing advisory services that relate to public space, community safety and sustainability he brings a unique insight and lens into the current COVID-19 pandemic and thoughts for the future.


USA - USA ICA Region

Randy Atlas PhD FAIA CPP, is the US regional Director for the ICA. Atlas is a registered architect, and has a doctorate in Criminology. Randy teaches an ICA certified on line E learning CPTED Practitioner course, and has published the leading CPTED text book called, “21st Century Security and CPTED, 2nd ed. 2013”. For more information go to


Ecuador - Latin American Region

A Colonel of police in passive service of the National Police of Ecuador, Max has extensive experience in plans, programs and projects related to Citizen Security and crime prevention. Representative of ICA in Ecuador, has participated in many national and international events representing the country. Has held important positions like the National Director of Community Police of Ecuador, Citizen Security Advisor in the Ministry of Government, Coordinator of Internal Security of the Ministry of Security and many more.

Max invites you to our webinar:

and our moderator


Chile, Latin American Region

Dr. Macarena Rau Vargas has a background in architecture and a PhD in Architecture. She has a wide experience leading urban and public safety projects and initiatives in Chile, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

In 2008 Macarena founded PBK Consulting; a company that assists governments, companies and NGO’s applying CPTED strategies in countries like Mexico, Honduras, Chile, Brazil among other. In this role she has particularly promoted the 2nd Generation CPTED. Macarena has been the President of the International CPTED Association since 2017.

ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies